Look into the dark corner, find the light, address unnoticed but worth telling stories. Hao Dong is passionate about exploring the themes of social care, justice, transformation, and healing.


Hao Dong is an international award-winning filmmaker based in New York City. Up to now, his films, Going the Distance, A Life in New York City, Connection as well as others have been showed around 4 continents, 20 countries and more than 40 international film festivals worldwide, including such well-known film festivals as Davis International Film Festival, IndieWise Film FestivalSunlight International Film FestivalBig MINI Media Festival, Frame by Sound Festival that have Academy Award® nominated panelists such as Carl Deal and Steven Ascher; grand jury like Grammy® nominated Brandon K. Hampton; music composer for film Inception, Zack Hemsey etc. These highly competitive film festivals with those Hollywood talents absolutely make Hao Dong stand out. His films were shown in America, Asia, Europe, Africa including USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, India, Brazil, Kenya, etc.

Hao is capable of producing high quality content that is visually compelling as well as profound and socially aware. His mastery of camerawork and understanding of digital media has made him an asset for filmmaking.


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